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We had been manufacturing and doing the export of various French Horn Products since the yearamro 1997, With the development of the past years and also the guides of the experts from both China & abroad, right now we have expanded our production line to Single French Horn, Double French Horn and also the relative accessories. We are here to help you select the suitable French Horn products, and it is our policy to supply the steady quality instruments and get long-term cooperation with customers!
The instruments that we are offering now are mainly for the Entry-Level Players, we also have some models for Semi-Professional and Professional Players. You can easily find our instruments react quickly and flexible, comfortable to perform, special in humanizing design, usefulness and practicality, and durable for use.

About us

Welcome to CANEX Music. This website has been developed to inform you of who we are, the products that we market and the value added services we offer.

We have been around for over 13 years. We describe ourselves as a music instrument company for student level instruments offering, including Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, French horn, Guitars, Violins, etc and the relative accessories. We establish relationships. Our team of professionals provides the most value when we have earned the right to get to know your business and the challenges that face you on a daily basis.

Our focus is to help you circumvent the challenges and seize new opportunities. We are dedicated to helping you maximize profitability through the multitude of products and services we offer you.
Though we may not be in the same place/Country, Let's share the same music of the world, live for music!

3 Keys French Horns

Model: FH-30L

Bb Key Brass material Gold Lacquer 3-Single pipes Cupronickel Tuning Pipes Bore Size: 13mm Bell Size: 290.5mmWith Hard Case more

4 Key Single French Horns

Model No: FH-41L

Bb Key Material: Brass Cupronickel Tuning Pipes Gold Lacquer Bore:12.8mm Bell: 15mmSeparate BellWith Hard Case more

4 Keys Double French Horns

Model: FH-40L

F/Bb Key Brass material
Gold Lacquer Double-French Horn 4 keys Cupronickel Tuning Pipes Bore Size: 12.0mm Bell Size: 310mmWith Hard Case